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October 14, 2010

Yummy pizza - GF style! (that means gluten free)

Today I made pizza for dinner. Heath's not home so I don't know if he likes it but both kids liked it.
I'm not quite sure what the real test is...Heath or the kids!?!
Noah has been saying lately, "So, mom, I don't fink so."
Tonight when I was putting a little chocolate in their milk, I was helping Asher and trying to put chocolate in the milk at the same time. Then I hear a little gasp from Noah. I look over and I'm not even over the cup. Noah said, "mom, are you ok?"
This may not be funny to you but it was to me.
Asher has had his brace off most of the day.
The therapist came and she said she thinks he had a little more range today. Yippee!
She also has a call in to his doctor.
He's so funny. I'm going to put a video on here that only...well, grandparents might enjoy.
It wasn't really what I was trying to capture but notice he's not wearing his brace.

Yes, these are unusually large pepperoni's but gluten free. I bet you didn't know some meats have gluten in them as a filler.


Elizabeth said...

It's amazing what's in our food...my cousin was really allergic to citric acid (would break out in hives) when she was little and there was so much she couldn't eat...like Doritos! I think I mentioned before thatI had gluten-free friends come visit in Sept and I was worried about processed food for them (you never know what's in there!) but they were ok. Looks like things are getting better with the whole gluten thing, good luck!

The Papa's said...

He's got quite the arm!!! :)


ok, I thought the chocolate thing was HILARIOUS!!! That is something I would totally do. I don't know if you're into crockpot cooking, or if you even have one, but I found this blog that has a lot of gluten free recipes for the crockpot.

Sherrie said...

Oh if I actually liked cooking, I might try to be a little better with my ingredients! As it is I think being in the kitchen is torture...maybe you should move back to UT and help me....you could live in my basment again! :-) I do order milk, meat and cheese from an organic dairy!