"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

July 2, 2009

That's life.

OK, here we go (crack the knuckles). I think this post will be about a bunch of things and not one thing in particular. Noah's sign language skills are improving. He's able to use a lot of the signs on his own now without encouragement and the most recent sign he learned is wrestle (one of his favorite things to do with Heath). Speaking of Heath, he's been working some lately cutting down trees, feeding a chipper and other things I'm sure. He usually comes home smelling like a lawn mower with dirt everywhere. He's been studying up on trees and when we are driving down the road sometimes I hear "blue spruce, oak, maple, sugar maple, cottonwood", and "some stupid fruit tree" (making fun of his boss who thinks fruit trees are stupid). Although he does really really like his boss Dan. It's been raining a lot the past few days (which is good for our little garden) and it's very humid so we can't hang clothes up to dry down stair or they will never dry. This morning in the back yard there was another deer but this time she had 3 babies with her. Heath lovingly calls her supper. The babies were so cute pouncing around. It's just neat to watch. Speaking of red meat. OK, so the truth is that the doctor wanted to check my cholesterol and guess what? It's high. I'm not going to say how high because I would be too embarrassed but I couldn't believe it. I really don't eat butter or too much red meat (we mostly eat ground turkey).  My problem is dairy and eggs I think. Two things that I love and eat all the time. So this morning I had a breakfast burrito made with egg whites, no cheese and a little taco sauce with no cholesterol. Did you know that there is 170 mg of cholesterol in 1 organic, large, brown egg? I think only people with high cholesterol know that. Did you know they sell egg whites in a little carton? Convenient. Heath thinks it's funny and loves to make sure I'm not eating anything with too much cholesterol. I told him he should go get his checked. He said noway because then I would watch what he ate. Anyway, it's true that tummy time is a lot more enjoyable while watching Blue's Clues on the computer and also true that my husband has called me a square on more then one occasion.


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you...square? Noway! Heath is too funny. Miss you guys!