"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

July 16, 2009

My little Asher

So, I made it know that Asher was a little guy.  Well, he still is. He is having a hard time gaining weight. He's got acid reflux and the pediatrician at Shriner's said that he was eating smaller amounts because of the acid which resulted in him not getting to the "hind milk" (the milk with all the fat in it). After a few tears (OK maybe a lot of tears) and a phone call to my mother I decided that the best thing for the little guy was to switch him over to formula. I wanted everything he was taking in to have a good amount of calories. Asher has been throwing up (I don't mean just spitting up a little) pretty much his whole life (almost every day). I thought maybe formula would help decrease that and the doctors suggested putting rice cereal in the bottle too. That didn't help so then the dietitian at Shriner's said to try soy formula.  This actually helped quite a bit with the throwing up but not so good for the bowels. So, then he was constipated and started eating less again. Then back to Shriner's to the pediatrician who suggested a bigger nipple on the bottle and pears and or prunes. I tried it and it's working great so far. He's eating between 4 and 4.5 ounces per feeding (improving from 3 to 3.5 and sometime 2.5 a feeding) I'm feeling like a first time mom again. I hope this time we've got it all figured out. I call the occupation therapist, the dietitian and the pediatrician at Shriner's my "Dream team".  They all work together to help Asher. They are so nice. I HEART SHRINER'S! Anyway, my friend Michelle let me borrow this bumbo chair for Asher. He's so stinkin cute in it I had to take a picture. Noah is doing better all the time with his speech. My favorite thing he says right now is "ma ee, nice" (mommy nice) telling me to be nice. He can also say whale, cat, water, please (ease), bye bye Sue (his speech therapist), kids, and his newest sign is sorry. 
Thanks Michelle!

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Michelle said...

That's so cute. I remember thinking when Savannah was in it, "I'm going to have to crisco her legs to get them out of this thing" Granted she was a couple months older than Asher is now.
I'm glad I was cleaning out the shed and found it.


So stinkin' cute!! I am glad things are starting to look up for him now. It's gotta be terrible to be a baby and not be able to communicate your needs. Being a good mom means doing what is best for your kids, even if it isn't the easiest thing. I think you're doing that very thing...making those tough decisions. Good job mommy!

shauna said...

I'm so sorry you had to quit nursing. That is one of my favorite parts when I have a newborn. At least they are getting it figured out. Cute video.

Stephen and Ashley said...

gosh i feel for you - both the girls had reflux so badly in the beginning months. we had to put them on zantac (which didn't really work) then prevacid (which finally worked) and didn't take them off of it till they turned 9 months. they didn't throw up, they had the silent reflux. but they refused to eat, often! i was so stressed and thinking it was something with my milk, so i eventually stopped BF. i'm quickly learning that a lot of times we have to alter "our" plans to do what's best for our kids. and each kid is different..which makes for a lot of different plans :) hang in there. glad to hear y'all found something that's working. he's such a cutie!!

Jonathan and Lisa said...

Well I am so very glad that Asher is doing better. Poor baby... Great job with being persistent and taking him to his appointments, you have got a tough job, but you do it very well! Jonathan and I Love you all very much!

michelle k said...

Look at him, all grown up and sittin' in the Bumbo! Sweet baby. I so admire you and how awesomely you have been taking on your Mama Trials. You've had to have learned so much, no doubt you'll be a really great sounding board for other friends down the road.