"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

May 5, 2011

Deep in the heart of Texas.

It's a superhero thing. (and sort of dirty and slobbery)

This too!

this too

and this.

My new cute neice Olivia.

My other cute new neice Ember.
My mom will have 4 new grandbabies with in a year. 2 down , 2 to go.

This is one of memaw's favorite book and it's tradition for her to read it to the grandbabies.
Horton Hatches The Egg.

The boys helped grandpa wash the car.

We helped grandpa with his square foot garden on Earth Day! Yep, we're green.

We went to San Antonio for Time Out For Women. (Well, the girls) We all fit in the small elevator.

We ate Mexican food. Yum! They just don't have Mexican food in PA.

Noah fell asleep at dinner with uncle Josh. He carried Noah all the way back to the Hotel.

We saw the Alamo. It's part of Texas history. I'll let you google it.

Me with my Sister-in-law, Sommer. We are just a few weeks apart. Apparantly, her husband (my brother Josh) has put on some sympathy weight or he might be pregnant too.

Noah wore this helmet most of the way home from San Antonio.

Asher has red long johns. When grandpa got home we found out that he has some too.

We had an Easter egg hunt but my pictures were all terrible.
Heard Sherri Dew speak at Time Out for Women.
She's great!
I've seen all my family here.
I've been with my mother to buy a dining room table.
I got sunburned helping put in a square foot garden.
I had a miagraine after I mowed my sister back yard.
It was fixed by essential oils and reflexology (which is amazing because if I don't have good meds I'm usually in the ER with a 2 day hang over)
I've read good books.
Learned a little bit about aquaponics and solar gardening.
Missing my husband.
Glad my mom is retired.
Glad my sister does awesome research on everything.
She found stainless still baby bottles. cool, huh?
The boys like to run around in their undies (and diaper) in the warm weather.
My dad stepped in dog poop today.
I watched a good movie (What If) with my mom.
I've heard ya'll, thank ya, and been around a lot of nice southern folks.
I got a few books I can't wait to read.
I made burp cloths and a baby blanket.
Went to a rain harvesting class with my dad.
ate BlueBell ice cream.
Missed a months worth of Biggest Loser.
Did I miss the finale?
My mom got me the first baby girl onesies.
I think Asher weighs 23 pounds now. I know!
Pretty sure we are moving back to Utah.
and just so you know I'm not going to proof read this. It's taken too long with pictures and such.
That's all I guess.


Jeff and ReAnn said...

Looks like so much fun. The baby bump is coming along nicely. You look so cute. Its fun to have a sister-in-law pregnant with you. Did you fly or drive to Texas?

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had fun in texas- your baby bump is getting big! Cute pics.

Sherrie said...

What a nice trip for you! Love your belly! Mine is coming along nicely, maybe I could photo shop one in. :-)

Sherrie said...

Okay and I just re-read the last part!!! Utah??? Okay well we might be moving, but the odds are that we'll be here. Give me details!

Kim said...

Will you share your migraine remedy in detail please? I don't love taking imitrex everytime I get one & these days they are coming more often then usual :)