"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

February 4, 2010

More good news and other stuff, too

Well, our desk top is broken (it's under warranty thank goodness) and our internet doesn't seem to work when Heath brings the laptop home.
I'm writing today from the Ence's.
We made it to the ear, nose, and throat doctor.
They stuck a little camera up his nose and down his throat which he didn't like one bit.
I didn't like it either. They asked I would sit him in my lap, put his legs in between mine, hold his arms down, and hold his head. I didn't cry this time but he did.
After they started I just kept hoping it would end soon.
They said his tonsils are a little enlarged but nothing to be concerned about.
Everything else looked good.
This is good news but it still leaves me wondering what is next for this baby boy.
Also, I called for the results of the blood work.
Everything is normal there too. No celiacs disease. Yes, we can still eat our wheat bread, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls. Heath is excited too. (About Asher, not necesarily the wheat)
The only thing left is the stool sample which I'm having a hard time getting for them.
This little boy is having some trouble with his bowels. Poor baby.
Heath had to start a blog for school. If you want to check it out.go to
http://www.checkoutmyblogatmyblog.blogspot.com/ (I know, right) or click here.
Asher is crawling faster now. I know I still need to get it on video.
And I will soon.
Noah's speech is still improving.
His hopes and dreams: to ride a bus, to go to a chocolate factory and to fly.
Yesterday he helped me make brownies and cookies for a church activity.
He's so cute in his little apron. (well, it's a big apron that I wrap around him a few times)
He played with 1 lb of navy beans, sorting, counting, throwing, feeding to Asher (kidding).
For the record my vacuum does pick up dried navy beans. I did wonder.
It was my grandfather's 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, Poppy.
and my mom has been very sick. I hope you are feeling better, mom. a lot better.

I really loved Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk at the last general conference Loved it!
Reading it is good but listening to it is better.

He says, "I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world … that the Book of Mormon is true."

It is true and I'm with him. If you would like a free copy, really, email me  emailerinp@gmail.com

He also says, "Prophecies regarding the last days often refer to large-scale calamities such as earthquakes or famines or floods. These in turn may be linked to widespread economic or political upheavals of one kind or another.
But there is one kind of latter-day destruction that has always sounded to me more personal than public, more individual than collective—a warning, perhaps more applicable inside the Church than outside it. The Savior warned that in the last days even those of the covenant, the very elect, could be deceived by the enemy of truth.1 If we think of this as a form of spiritual destruction, it may cast light on another latter-day prophecy. Think of the heart as the figurative center of our faith, the poetic location of our loyalties and our values; then consider Jesus’s declaration that in the last days “men’s hearts [shall fail] them.”2

Go here for the rest of the talk.


The Papa's said...

That is Great news!!! Sounds like things are good! I LOVED Elder Hollands talk, it was one of my favorites! Tell you mom to get better for me will ya'?!? I've always loved her! Miss you guys! <3's

Heather said...

Every time I read your blog I am sooooo amazed by your great perspective. I am more grateful than ever for the gospel. We had to call 911 last night for Afton. So scary. He was having a seizure due to a spiking fever. All is well now after he was administered to by the priesthood. It's a miracle. The kid ran circles around us today as if nothing happened. I LOVE knowing that my Savior loves me.