"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

December 16, 2009

The weigh in, Santa Claus, and admiration

Asher went to Shriner's today.  He weighed in at 15 pounds 12 ounces which is a gain from the weight loss last visit. There was happiness but no celebration.

We had our ward Christmas party last Friday and guess who was there?  Yep, Santa Claus. I wasn't sure how Noah would respond to him this year. We've been watching The Polar Express and Elf some so he gets the idea of Santa. When the news was that Santa was coming down the hall Noah's face lite up. When he came in the room Noah turned to me and said, "Mommy, look!" We went up front and waited our turn in line to talk to Santa. Noah kept saying, "My turn?, My turn?". We finally got to Santa and Noah was so shy. He didn't sit in his lap but I told him to say hi and he did. I told him to tell Santa that he wanted a choo choo and he did. Then I told him to hug Santa and he did. All too cute.

This is the only shot I got because my camera is a little more than a few years old and it takes a while in between taking pictures.

Asher, however, not so fond of Santa.

I was thinking about how I admire people who are true to who they are under difficult circumstances. Like people that don't fuel the fire of gossip or people that are not so quick to judge others. Here, let me explain or better yet let me give you an example. Just know that I have repented. :)

A few months ago Heath and I were driving down the main road in a near by town. I noticed a yard that wasn't so nice looking. Toys were everywhere, maybe a little trash, and some things that could certainly use some straightening. I commented and said,"Why would someone living on this main road keep their yard so messy?" I didn't expect what came next. Heath looked at me then answered something like this, "Maybe a single mother that works two jobs lives in that home. Maybe she is using the time she does have to spend with her children instead of picking up her yard." Nothing like that had even crossed my mind. What if? My heart softened and my judgmental attitude quickly turned to prayer. A prayer to repent and a prayer for whoever lived in that home. If it was true or not true, it didn't matter. I prayed for whoever was in that home. Heath is a good example to me. 

It's true that I saw a real sugar plum the other day. I didn't even know they were real. Also true that the new Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is Noah's favorite movie right now. And true that Charlie Bucket is really wise beyond his years.  Some more truth is that I wish  that the room where everything is eatable (including the grass) really existed and that I could go in it. I'm thinking I might tend to be a little on the Augustus Gloop side of things.  Don't judge me! :)

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Heidi and Deric Ence said...

That would be awesome! Except my eatable room would have french fry grass, and a diet coke waterfall! haha. And maybe some chocolate over in the corner. And you can be Agustus Gloop all you want, just don't get sucked up a pipe!