"Come what may, and love it!......Yet in spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser, and happier as a result." ~ Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

October 30, 2009

School, trick or treating, and other stuff, too.

Noah's first day of school was Thursday. I might have been more nervous than he was.  He did great. He walked in and looked at all the kids and all the toys and decided it was all right. Today when I walked him into class he started crying. I felt bad for him but they told me the quicker I leave the easier it will be for him. I waited around the corner from his class room until he stopped crying which didn't take too long. 

He's so little and cute.

Burnin' down the house...Erin started the fire! OK, so, the county we live in always does trick or treating on the Thursday night before Halloween and gives the kids Friday off of school. We went over to Deric and Heidi's house last night to take Noah trick or treating and to carve pumpkins. Well, Noah got this cute treat bag for his birthday from the Nazelrod's.  The Nazelrod's stopped by and I had the bag in my hand and for some reason I put it down right on top of a lit candle. We were all standing outside when Chris says, "um...something is on fire...No, REALLY!" We turn around and sure enough flames. Heath ended up getting it outside right after Heidi threw it on their hard wood floor to stomp it out.:)  The damage wasn't too bad. Just a spot on their desk and the candle didn't look too great. It could have been a lot worse. That was a stinkin' cute treat bag that Michelle made. I'll never live that one down (kind of like the mashed potato story).

Dear Michelle, I'm sorry I caught the really cute treat bag you made on fire. Please forgive me! Your Friend, Erin P.

My husband the artist.

The cutest frog in the whole entire wide world.


Noah was not too into trick or treating this year. He didn't want to wear his cute scarecrow costume but he went for camo pj's instead.

The cute scarecrow costume.

Heath wasn't too into trick or treating either so Heidi went with us. Thanks Heidi we love you!

On Thursday night in some of the small townships the fire department comes out and sounds a siren to begin the trick or treating. It lasts an hour to an hour and a half depending of the township and cute old ladies sit outside on their front porches with bowls of candy. 
We have been using theives essential oil to help avoid the swine flu. No luck on getting our hands on the vaccine just yet.
Noah is still saying funny things, Asher knows how to get attention by coughing, I mowed the lawn today, and I'm tired. It's true that I think it's funny that in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen the kids don't know what grounded is until the Dad is "in charge". Also true that my house is a mess and I'm getting priorities in order.



totally the cutest frog EVER!! Way to go setting cute things on fire...I'm glad nobody was hurt... Way cool pumpkin!

The Blake Family said...

yep...i would have to agree, you may never live that down just like the mash potatoe story "O no the didn't give me vegetables instead of mashed potatoes. Who ever eats vegetables with chicken?!?!" I still giggle thinking about that night! lol love ya girl!

sexy_rexy said...

We have to agare with the Washington Pucketts that is the most cutest frog ever, and i bet that Noha was cute too... Every thing you guys do with those kids are adorable. Can't wate until Christmas to see you guys.